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Papua New Guinea's jungles are one of just three wild rainforest areas, along with the Amazon and the Congo basin, left in the world, and as such comprise a vast "storehouse" of biodiversity, with scores of new species. Scientists have indicated that only half of the things documented actually have names. Diving to the Wreck Sites - Niugini Diving Papua New Guinea has some of the Pacific's most spectacular wrecks, mainly from WW II. As the Japanese advanced and then retreated through PNG during the war, numerous vessels from both sides of the conflict were sunk. Of the twenty-five divable wrecks in the country, four stand out most: Diving B17 Bomber Aircraft Blackjack, Dive Sites Milne Bay B17 Bomber Aircraft Blackjack, Milne Bay The best plan is direct descent to the aircraft, then a single slow pass over the wings, nose and cockpit areas, finishing at the tail. The starboard tailplane is bent upwards and points to the dives exit, a reef-slope at about 45° leading to a vertical wall – ideal for a slow, safe ascent.

Tufi Resort, Papua New Guinea. Tufi is the ideal location for scuba diving. Warm, crystal clear waters, vibrant reefs and an abundance of fish lead to an unforgettable adventure. Led by Matt, you will be scuba diving the many reefs and even some off the charts that have yet to be explored.

9 Amazing Airplane Wrecks to Dive • Scuba Diver Life 9 Amazing Airplane Wrecks to Dive. ... Blackjack B17 – Papua New Guinea. By Scuba Diver Life. This Boeing military bomber is a nearly completely intact; you can still see turrets, cockpit, seats & all amidst the fish that now inhabit the plane. The clear waters make this an ideal wreck dive. B17 Bomber Blackjack in Tufi - Lonely Planet

An intriguing aspect of this unique country is that first contact in Papua New Guinea with the highland people only happened just over 80 years ago.

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B17 Bomber Blackjack Dive Site near Port Moresby, Kimbe Bay, Hoskins, Lae, Kokopo, Kavieng Papua New Guinea. Pictures, dive logs, reviews and articles. Log a dive or post a picture at B17 Bomber Blackjack. Blackjack B17 Papua New Guinea - Photographs of James Lee, underwater, shipwreck, nature photographer. All photos are available for publication in the form of high resolution files or fine art prints.Blackjack B17, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea The Blackjack, a B17 military bomber aircraft made by Boeing is not your usual wreck dive. The History of the B-17F Black Jack Wreck | Indopacificimages A jack and an ace is a “blackjack hand” of 21 in the card game of Pontoon. Captain McCullar was a very skilled pilot, who was highly regarded and decorated for his bravery. Unfortunately McCullar died in April 1943 when another B17 he was commanding crashed during take-off from Port Moresby. About Black Jack - Niugini Diving